The Following Roads are covered by a Watch: *If your road is not listed please take a look at the New Watch Page

Watch Name Roads covered
Ardrossan Avenue Ardrossan Avenue
Badgerwood Drive Badgerwood Drive
Bayfield Avenue Bayfield Avenue
Coach House Close Coach House Close
Dundaff Close Dundaff Close
Evergreen Road 44-62 Evergreen Road
Fairfield Drive Fairfield Drive
Fairway The The Fairway
Farm Road Farm Road
Glynswood Glynswood
Golf Drive Golf Drive
Heathside Park Heathside Park
High Beeches High Beeches
Hillsborough Park II Hillsborough Pk(1-6,8-38 even,45-79 odd)/Upper Chobham Rd(223-229)
Holly Hedge Road Holly Hedge Road
Kensington Drive 1-10 Kensington Drive
Longmeadow 1-76 Longmeadow/ Campbell Place
Meadway Meadway
Old Pasture Road & Connop Way Old Pasture Road & Connop Way
Old Portsmouth Road Southcote Dr & Old Portsmouth Rd
Pickwick Gardens Pickwick Gardens (incl 23 Prior Rd)
Prior Road Prior Road (7-17 odd,17,17a,23 + Hillcrest Upper Chobham Rd
Robin Hill Drive Robin Hill Dr/ Falmouth Cl/ Upper Chobham Rd (part)
Roundway Close Roundway Close
Samarkand Close Samarkand Close
Scarlet Oaks Scarlet Oaks
Spring & Saville Gardens Spring & Saville Gdns 1A,1,3,5,7/Springfield Rd
Tekels Way Tekels Way
Warren Rise Warren Rise/ Chobham Rd (37-47 & 88-92)
Wilderness Road Wilderness Road
Wilmot Way Wilmot Way


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