This Watch covers the following areas: Frimley, Frimley Green, Mytchett, Deepcut, Heatherside, Parkside, Heathside, Cheylesmore.

The Following Roads are covered by an active Watches:  *If your road is not listed please take a look at the New Watch Page

Ward Watch Name
Frimley Alphington 1
Frimley Alphington 2 & 3
Frimley Apex Drive
Frimley Armitage Drive
Frimley Basset Close
Frimley Bridgemead & Bailey Close 
Frimley Cloisters, The
Frimley Croft Way
Frimley Felbridge Close/Kenton Close
Frimley Frimley Grove Gardens
Frimley Gilbert Road/Greenbank Way
Frimley Grove, The
Frimley Hermitage Close
Frimley Lakeland Drive
Frimley Latham Avenue
Frimley Mallards The
Frimley Melville Avenue 
Frimley Regent Way
Frimley Richmond & Woburn
Frimley Stamford Avenue 
Frimley Station Road Frimley
Frimley Stoneleigh Court
Frimley Tomlins Avenue
Frimley Trenton Close
Frimley Green Ashley Close/Wharf Rd
Frimley Green Bedford Crescent
Frimley Green Beech/Buckhurst Roads
Frimley Green Beresford Close
Frimley Green Berkeley Crescent
Frimley Green Bowling Green Court
Frimley Green Bramble Bank
Frimley Green Broadlands
Frimley Green Calshot Way
Frimley Green Clevedon Court
Frimley Green Cross Lane
Frimley Green Gloucester Close
Frimley Green Guildford Rd (Frimley Green)
Frimley Green Hastings Close
Frimley Green Hatches The
Frimley Green Heenan Close
Frimley Green Henley Drive 1
Frimley Green Henley Drive 2
Frimley Green Lansdowne Road
Frimley Green Nursery Close
Frimley Green Queensway
Frimley Green Raglan Close
Frimley Green Sandringham Way
Frimley Green Tenby Road
Frimley Green Windsor Way
Frimley Green Winston/Spencer/Chartwell
Frimley Green Worsley Road 
Heatherside Arundel Road
Heatherside Augustus Gardens
Heatherside Bellingham Close
Heatherside Bramcote
Heatherside Browning Close
Heatherside Buttermere Drive
Heatherside Cherrydale Road
Heatherside Cheylesmore Drive
Heatherside Coniston Close
Heatherside Copped Hall
Heatherside Cumberland Rd
Heatherside Greenholme
Heatherside Habershon Drive
Heatherside Hambleton Close & Westerdale Drive
Heatherside Haslemere Close
Heatherside Kendal Grove
Heatherside Knights Way & Francis Way
Heatherside Langdon Close
Heatherside Marshall Close
Heatherside Old Bisley Road
Heatherside Pollard Grove
Heatherside Ravenstone Road 1
Heatherside Ravenstone Road 2
Heatherside Ridgewood Drive
Heatherside Ridings, The
Heatherside Ripon Close / Troutbeck Way
Heatherside Roxburgh Close
Heatherside Shildon Close
Heatherside Theobalds Way
Heatherside Vardon Place
Heatherside Warwick Close
Heatherside Wendover Drive
Heatherside Yockley Close 
Mytchett & Deepcut Ambleside Close
Mytchett & Deepcut Coleford Bridge Road 3
Mytchett & Deepcut Dettingen Crescent
Mytchett & Deepcut Drake Avenue
Mytchett & Deepcut Earl of Chester Drive
Mytchett & Deepcut Grove Farm Park
Mytchett & Deepcut Haining Gardens
Mytchett & Deepcut Hamesmoor Way
Mytchett & Deepcut Hazel Road
Mytchett & Deepcut Lynwood Drive
Mytchett & Deepcut Mytchett Farm Park
Mytchett & Deepcut Mytchett Lake Rd & Grayswood Drive
Mytchett & Deepcut Nightingale Drive
Mytchett & Deepcut Suffolk Court
Mytchett & Deepcut White Acres Road
Mytchett & Deepcut Willow Close
Parkside Ardrossan Avenue
Parkside Badgerwood Drive
Parkside Bayfield Avenue
Parkside Blythwood Drive
Parkside Coach House Close
Parkside Dundaff Close
Parkside Evergreen Road
Parkside Fairfield Drive
Parkside Fairway The
Parkside Glynswood
Parkside Golf Drive
Parkside Heathside Park
Parkside High Beeches
Parkside Hillsborough Park I
Parkside Hillsborough Park II
Parkside Kensington Drive
Parkside Meadway
Parkside Middle Close
Parkside Old Pasture Road & Connop Way
Parkside Old Portsmouth Road
Parkside Pickwick Gardens
Parkside Prior Road
Parkside Robin Hill Drive
Parkside Roundway Close
Parkside Samarkand Close
Parkside Scarlett Oaks
Parkside Spring & Saville Gardens
Parkside Tekels Way
Parkside Warren Rise
Parkside Wilderness Road
Parkside Wilmot Way

The Frimley Area Coordinator is Steph Edwards  


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