Dear Colleague


We are all grateful for the support you provide in the day to day running of you watch.  We have all collectively been very successful in building and maintaining our watches and we are always looking for ways to continue this process.   The purpose of this email is threefold:


Firstly to ask if anyone is willing to provide me with assistance in my role of Camberley Coordinator. I am looking for extra pairs of hands to assist in helping create new watches. This will involve helping out in mail drops to roads not already covered.  Last year we ran a successful pilot scheme “Are you Covered” I an area of Frimley and this resulted in a number of new watches. I am looking to run a similar pilot in Camberley later this year.


Secondly, I am asking watch reps to see if they can build the membership of their own watches.  We do live in an area where it is all too easy to come home at night, shut to gate (!!) and forget a bout those around us.  Feedback from a number of our Reps indicates that face to face approach is best. Maybe not for you so we do have a standard letter I can let you have to tailor for your Watch.

And thirdly; we had two interesting speakers at our last Watch Reps’ meeting on Cyber Crime and Identity theft.  I am looking for topics (an possible speakers) that will be of interest to you in our future meetings. 


Many thanks in advance and I look forward to you replies




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