The Following Roads are covered by a Watch: *If your road is not listed please take a look at the New Watch Page

Watch Name Roads covered
Ashley Close/Wharf Rd Ashley Cl, Wharf Rd (part)
Bedford Crescent Bedford Crescent
Beech/Buckhurst Roads Beech Rd, Buckhurst Rd
Beresford Close Beresford Close
Berkeley Crescent Berkeley Cres, Pevensey Way (9,11,13,15))
Bowling Green Court Bowling Green Court
Bramble Bank Bramble Bank, Timber Bank, Wharfenden Way
Broadlands Broadlands & Part Sandringham Way
Calshot Way Evens 12-20; 25 & 28
Clevedon Court Clevedon Ct, Pevensey Way (22/26/28)
Cross Lane Cross Lane (1-11 odd, 2-24 even)&Gdns/Elsey Cl
Gloucester Close Gloucester Close
Guildford Rd (Frimley Green) Canal Bridge to top of hill Incl The Banks
Hastings Close Hastings Cl, Ludlow Cl, 27 Calshot Way
Hatches The The Hatches
Heenan Close Heenan Close
Henley Drive 1 Henley Drive 1-33 odd & 14-44 even
Henley Drive 2 Henley Drive 46-76 & 35-55
Lansdowne Road Lansdowne Road
Milden Watch Milden Gdns & Cl, Wharf Rd & Way
Nursery Close Nursery Close
Queensway Queensway
Raglan Close Raglan Close, Pevensey Way (12,14,16)
Tenby Road Tenby Road
Winston/Spencer/Chartwell Winston Cl, Spencer Cl, Chartwell
Worsley Road Worsley Road & St Peters Way


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