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What is the purpose of Neighbourhood Watch?

The purpose of Neighbourhood Watch is to help cut crime and the opportunity for crime and anti-social behaviour through encouraging neighbourliness and closer communities in order to improve the quality of life for local residents and tenants.

Neighbourhood Watch is a community activity where groups of like-minded neighbours, who want to live in a caring and protected society, get together in partnership with the police to help each other to reduce crime and improve community safety in the area where they live. It is NOT a group of vigilantes. It promotes community cohesion, improves awareness of crime prevention and creates clear lines of communication to and from the police.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch?

  • Neighbourhood Watch is a proven deterrent to reduce crime and the fear of crime.
  • A Watch member is nearly four times less likely to be a victim of a crime than a non-member.
  • Statistics show that Surrey Heath has ‘Watch’ coverage of approximately 31% of the properties and yet only just over 5% of crimes have been committed in ‘Watch’ areas since July 1994 (the date from which this particular data has been recorded).
  • A Watch scheme, as a body, can make very meaningful contributions towards a safer environment. Vandalism, graffiti and yobbish behaviour, the unsatisfactory lighting of streets, footpaths, car parking areas etc. illustrate some of the problems that can be overcome or controlled, or at least improved, by responsible residents taking the correct action with the appropriate authorities.

Home insurance discounts may be available if you are a member of an active Watch. Check with your insurance company.

Is my area covered by a Watch?

Normally Watches are set up to cover all or part of a road. In some areas these may include adjacent roads.  Neighbourhood Watch signs will be sited on lamp posts to indicate an active Watch is in operation. A full list of watches is provided on this web site.  Click         to see the list of Watches and which streets they cover.

How do I join My Local Watch?

Each Watch has a Watch Representative.  If you have been contacted by the Watch Representative they will ask you to complete a simple registration form. This will enable them to contact you and keep you informed of activities in the area.

Otherwise contact one of the Neighbourhood Watch Area Coordinators and they will advise you of the nearest Watch and Watch Representative.

How much does it cost?

There are no charges in joining the Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

The initial issue of Neighbourhood Watch street signs is free but as funds are limited, these are limited to a maximum of two signs per Watch (only one for cul-de-sacs) but you may decide that the Watch would be willing to pay for an extra sign or signs.

There is no Watch covering my area, how do I set one up?

  • The Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch Support Group will assist you to form a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your street or group of houses.
  • Initially contact one of the Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch Area Coordinators for advice and together plan the next steps.


The Six Villages are: Bagshot, Bisley, Chobham, Lightwater, West End and Windlesham

  • Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch has established a formal process of setting up and registering individual Watches. These notes give an overview of the process. The full process together with the required documentation is available on the Web site to authorised users only.
  • Watches not set up following this process will NOT be registered as a valid Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Assuming you are willing to take on the role of Watch Representative you will be asked to contact your neighbours and if you have sufficient interest, the Area Coordinator will start the registration process with you. This is described briefly below.
  • The next step is to arrange a Kick-off meeting with the interested neighbours. This meeting will be attended by the Area Coordinator and also provide an opportunity to meet your local Policing Community Support Officer (PCSO).
  • Neighbours will be asked to “sign-up”.  This will be to provide the Watch Representative with contact details, names addresses and, where possible, email addresses. This will enable the Watch representative to send out communications and information from both the Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch and Surrey Police. This list of contact details is the responsibility of the Watch Representative and is not made available to anyone else, apart from their deputy.
  • Neighbours wishing to join the scheme will be provided with appropriate leaflets and window stickers promoting Neighbourhood Watch etc.
  • The Watch Representative will be asked to complete an Active Citizen form.  This gives Surrey Police your permission to hold your contact details on file and to use them to send you relevant information on crime reports and crime prevention etc.
  • It is strongly recommended that one of the neighbours volunteers to become the Watch representative’s deputy.  This is to assist in both promoting Neighbourhood Watch and to provide holiday cover etc.
  • Once completed, the Watch is set up, street signs to be erected to show that your area is part of the Neighbourhood Watch organisation.



Lightwater Watch

This Watch Covers the following Areas: Lightwater, Bagshot, Bisley, Chobham, West End and Windlesham.

The Following Roads are covered by a Watch:  *If your road is not listed please take a look at the New Watch Page

Ward Watch Name
Bagshot Albert Road
Bagshot Anderson Pl/Freemantle Rd
Bagshot Butler Road & Weston Grove
Bagshot Chantry Road/School Lane
Bagshot Chewter Close
Bagshot Church Road, Bagshot
Bagshot College Ride
Bagshot College Ride – Lower
Bagshot Connaught Road & Wellesley Close
Bagshot Duval Place
Bagshot Earlswood Park
Bagshot Elizabeth Avenue
Bagshot Gloucester Road
Bagshot Heywood Drive
Bagshot Higgs Lane 
Bagshot High Street, Bagshot
Bagshot Lupin Close
Bagshot Pinewood Gardens
Bagshot St Mary’s Gardens/Cedar Close
Bagshot Station Road Bagshot
Bagshot Suffolk Close
Bagshot Surridge Court
Bagshot Waggoners Hollow
Bagshot Waverley Road
Bagshot Yaverland Drive
Bisley Angelica Road
Bisley Arethusa Way 1
Bisley Arethusa Way 2
Bisley Church Lane
Bisley Donnafields
Bisley Ford Road
Bisley Germander Drive
Bisley Kingcup Drive
Bisley Orchid Drive
Bisley Pilgrim’s Way
Bisley Quince Drive
Bisley Salvia Court
Bisley School Close
Bisley Snowdrop Way
Bisley Wilcot Close
Bisley Zinnia Drive
Chobham Avenue, The
Chobham Castle Grove Road
Chobham Chobham High Street
Chobham Elm Drive
Chobham Gracious Pond/Stonehill Road
Chobham Green Lane
Chobham Heather Way
Chobham Leslie Road
Chobham Medhurst Close
Chobham Mincing Lane
Chobham Oakdene
Chobham Shrubbs Hill
Chobham Sparrow Row
Lightwater Ambleside Road/Rydal Place
Lightwater Aplin Way/Gale Drive
Lightwater Avenue, The
Lightwater Badger Dr/ Mount Pleasant Cl
Lightwater Barnett Lane
Lightwater Curley Hill Road
Lightwater Grasmere Road East
Lightwater Guildford Rd (Lightwater) 1
Lightwater Guildford Rd (Lightwater) 2
Lightwater Guildford Rd (Lightwater) 3
Lightwater Heronscourt
Lightwater Ivy Drive 1
Lightwater Ivy Drive 2
Lightwater Keswick Drive
Lightwater Lightwater Meadow
Lightwater Ling Drive
Lightwater Lowfield Close
Lightwater Macdonald Road 1
Lightwater Macdonald Road 2
Lightwater Macdonald Road 3
Lightwater Macdonald Road 4
Lightwater Mallards Way
Lightwater Meadowbank Road
Lightwater Northfield
Lightwater Osborne Drive
Lightwater Perry Way
Lightwater Quarry Bank / Deer Leap
Lightwater Ridgeway The
Lightwater Riverside Ave/Wychelm Rd
Lightwater Shrublands Drive/Myrtle Cl
Lightwater South Farm Lane
Lightwater Turnville Close
Lightwater WE (Copthorne&Ullswater)
Lightwater Willows The
West End Abelia Close
West End Acer Drive
West End Ashley Way/Cuckoo Vale
West End Benner Lane/Fellow Green
West End Birch Lane
West End Bolding House Lane
West End Brentmoor Road 1
West End Brentmoor Road 2
West End Broad Street & Revesby Cl
West End Common Fields
West End Cuckoo Lane
West End Gosden Rd & Field End
West End Halebourne & Bagshot Rd
West End Kerria Way
West End Kings Road
West End Lucas Green Rd & Priest Lane
West End Malthouse Lane
West End Old Acre & Streets Heath
West End Rosewood Way
West End Rounce Lane
West End Rubus Close
West End Rugosa Road
West End Sefton Close
West End Sundew Close
West End West End High Street
West End Willow Green / Fellow Green Rd 
Windlesham Baigents Lane & Atfield Grove
Windlesham Bosman Drive
Windlesham Church Road, Windlesham
Windlesham Cooper Road
Windlesham Edward Road
Windlesham Fosters Grove
Windlesham Hatch End
Windlesham Heathpark Drive
Windlesham Highwaymans Ridge
Windlesham Kings Lane
Windlesham Moor Place/ Mill Pond Rd
Windlesham Newark Road
Windlesham Orchard Hill
Windlesham Pine Grove
Windlesham Poplar Avenue
Windlesham Rectory Lane
Windlesham ROCK
Windlesham School Road

The Lightwater Area Coordinator is Mike Potter


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Frimley Watch

This Watch covers the following areas: Frimley, Frimley Green, Mytchett, Deepcut, Heatherside, Parkside, Heathside, Cheylesmore.

The Following Roads are covered by an active Watches:  *If your road is not listed please take a look at the New Watch Page

Ward Watch Name
Frimley Alphington 1
Frimley Alphington 2 & 3
Frimley Apex Drive
Frimley Armitage Drive
Frimley Basset Close
Frimley Bridgemead & Bailey Close 
Frimley Cloisters, The
Frimley Croft Way
Frimley Felbridge Close/Kenton Close
Frimley Frimley Grove Gardens
Frimley Gilbert Road/Greenbank Way
Frimley Grove, The
Frimley Hermitage Close
Frimley Lakeland Drive
Frimley Latham Avenue
Frimley Mallards The
Frimley Melville Avenue 
Frimley Regent Way
Frimley Richmond & Woburn
Frimley Stamford Avenue 
Frimley Station Road Frimley
Frimley Stoneleigh Court
Frimley Tomlins Avenue
Frimley Trenton Close
Frimley Green Ashley Close/Wharf Rd
Frimley Green Bedford Crescent
Frimley Green Beech/Buckhurst Roads
Frimley Green Beresford Close
Frimley Green Berkeley Crescent
Frimley Green Bowling Green Court
Frimley Green Bramble Bank
Frimley Green Broadlands
Frimley Green Calshot Way
Frimley Green Clevedon Court
Frimley Green Cross Lane
Frimley Green Gloucester Close
Frimley Green Guildford Rd (Frimley Green)
Frimley Green Hastings Close
Frimley Green Hatches The
Frimley Green Heenan Close
Frimley Green Henley Drive 1
Frimley Green Henley Drive 2
Frimley Green Lansdowne Road
Frimley Green Nursery Close
Frimley Green Queensway
Frimley Green Raglan Close
Frimley Green Sandringham Way
Frimley Green Tenby Road
Frimley Green Windsor Way
Frimley Green Winston/Spencer/Chartwell
Frimley Green Worsley Road 
Heatherside Arundel Road
Heatherside Augustus Gardens
Heatherside Bellingham Close
Heatherside Bramcote
Heatherside Browning Close
Heatherside Buttermere Drive
Heatherside Cherrydale Road
Heatherside Cheylesmore Drive
Heatherside Coniston Close
Heatherside Copped Hall
Heatherside Cumberland Rd
Heatherside Greenholme
Heatherside Habershon Drive
Heatherside Hambleton Close & Westerdale Drive
Heatherside Haslemere Close
Heatherside Kendal Grove
Heatherside Knights Way & Francis Way
Heatherside Langdon Close
Heatherside Marshall Close
Heatherside Old Bisley Road
Heatherside Pollard Grove
Heatherside Ravenstone Road 1
Heatherside Ravenstone Road 2
Heatherside Ridgewood Drive
Heatherside Ridings, The
Heatherside Ripon Close / Troutbeck Way
Heatherside Roxburgh Close
Heatherside Shildon Close
Heatherside Theobalds Way
Heatherside Vardon Place
Heatherside Warwick Close
Heatherside Wendover Drive
Heatherside Yockley Close 
Mytchett & Deepcut Ambleside Close
Mytchett & Deepcut Coleford Bridge Road 3
Mytchett & Deepcut Dettingen Crescent
Mytchett & Deepcut Drake Avenue
Mytchett & Deepcut Earl of Chester Drive
Mytchett & Deepcut Grove Farm Park
Mytchett & Deepcut Haining Gardens
Mytchett & Deepcut Hamesmoor Way
Mytchett & Deepcut Hazel Road
Mytchett & Deepcut Lynwood Drive
Mytchett & Deepcut Mytchett Farm Park
Mytchett & Deepcut Mytchett Lake Rd & Grayswood Drive
Mytchett & Deepcut Nightingale Drive
Mytchett & Deepcut Suffolk Court
Mytchett & Deepcut White Acres Road
Mytchett & Deepcut Willow Close
Parkside Ardrossan Avenue
Parkside Badgerwood Drive
Parkside Bayfield Avenue
Parkside Blythwood Drive
Parkside Coach House Close
Parkside Dundaff Close
Parkside Evergreen Road
Parkside Fairfield Drive
Parkside Fairway The
Parkside Glynswood
Parkside Golf Drive
Parkside Heathside Park
Parkside High Beeches
Parkside Hillsborough Park I
Parkside Hillsborough Park II
Parkside Kensington Drive
Parkside Meadway
Parkside Middle Close
Parkside Old Pasture Road & Connop Way
Parkside Old Portsmouth Road
Parkside Pickwick Gardens
Parkside Prior Road
Parkside Robin Hill Drive
Parkside Roundway Close
Parkside Samarkand Close
Parkside Scarlett Oaks
Parkside Spring & Saville Gardens
Parkside Tekels Way
Parkside Warren Rise
Parkside Wilderness Road
Parkside Wilmot Way

The Frimley Area Coordinator is Steph Edwards  


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Camberley Watch

This Watch Covers the following Areas: St Pauls,  Old Dean,  Town, St Michaels  Watchetts

The Following Roads are covered by a Watch:  * If your road is not listed please take a look at the New Watch Page

Ward Watch Name
Old Dean Larch Close
Old Dean Nepalese Community 
Old Dean Poppyhills Road
St Michaels Avenue The
St Michaels France Hill Drive
St Michaels Heatherley Close
St Michaels Southern Road
St Michaels Vale Watch
St Michaels Wey Close
St Michaels Woodlands Road
St Pauls Abbey Court
St Pauls Beaufront Estate
St Pauls Branksome Park Road
St Pauls Buchan, The
St Pauls Castle Road
St Pauls Chatsworth Heights
St Pauls Copse End & Paddock Close
St Pauls Crawley Ridge & Others
St Pauls Crawley Wood Close
St Pauls Darracott Close 
St Pauls Devonshire Drive
St Pauls Eliot Close & Seymour Drive
St Pauls Grange Road
St Pauls Hillcrest Road
St Pauls Knightsbridge Road
St Pauls Larchwood Glade
St Pauls Lime Avenue
St Pauls Loddon Close
St Pauls Marlborough Rise
St Pauls Martel Close
St Pauls Maultway & Foxhill
St Pauls Middleton Road
St Pauls Shalbourne Rise (Lower end)
St Pauls Shalbourne Rise (Upper End)
St Pauls Sovereign Drive
St Pauls Waverley Drive
Town Barn Close
Town Clarewood Drive
Town Court Gardens
Town Diamond Ridge/Hill
Town Elmhurst Court
Town Firwood Drive
Town Langley Drive
Town Old Green Lane
Town Pinemount Road
Town Portesbery Road
Town RMA
Town Rudd Hall Rise
Town Tekels Avenue
Town Townside
Town York Road
Watchetts Crabtree Road
Watchetts Garfield Road
Watchetts Gordon Avenue
Watchetts Gordon Watch The
Watchetts Hanbury Way
Watchetts Heatherdale Road
Watchetts Kingsclear Park
Watchetts Park Road
Watchetts Parkway
Watchetts Russett Gardens
Watchetts Saddlewood
Watchetts Verran Road
Watchetts Watchetts Drive

The Camberley Area Coordinator is David Hacker 


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