Survey Results

Watch Reps’ Opinion Survey – Analysis of Feedback

In February we asked our Watch Representatives for their views on a number of topics.

This was the first survey we have conducted and was intentionally brief.

The response was very encouraging with over a third of our Reps. responding.
In particular the individual comments many of you made were both helpful and informative.

The attached document sets out the results in full. Where we were able to pick up a consensus of opinion of your views we will take these on board.

As we felt this survey was successful we will be considering the further use  of this approach as we want to ensure we take your views and opinions into account as we continue to grow and develop our Watch.


The key recommendations from the survey are:

  1. The Watch Representatives’ meeting should continue and broadly keep the same format.
  1. HeathWatch should continue and broadly keep the same format. The Support Group should continue to push towards e-copies of HeathWatch  
  1. Police presence is vital to the ongoing engagement of Neighbourhood Watch. The Police need to ensure there is a representative, of appropriate standing, to address the meeting with updates on their activities, priorities and requests for active participation of Neighbourhood Watch.
  1. We need to ensure we broaden the selection of relevant speakers in order to maintain interest and to continue to give value to the meeting.
  1. The public address system needs to be upgraded to provide better sound distribution and add microphones for all speakers together with roving microphones for the Q & A sessions.
  1. The Chair needs to better control the meeting, to discourage interfering local chatter and to ensure questions are repeated so all members can properly hear them – seeking clarification from the floor if the question is not fully understood.


For a complete overview of the survey please look at the:  February 2016 Survey analysis pdf


Is your sign like this ?

It is the responsibility of all NHW Representatives to ensure that their signs remain effective.

Many examples can be seen of neglect.

Some are sun bleached and should be replaced, others may only need a soapy wipe with a cloth on a broom.

If your sign is covered by foliage, this should be cut back. Also some signs are pointing in a none effective direction. 

Always check from time to time and if assistance is required, please contact us and will be able to help.

If you wish to view the current Surrey Heath watch areas see 



Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Watch needs your help, we are run completely by people like you volunteering their time and effort.

To find out about being a Neighbourhood watch representative go to our New Watches Page


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